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Add ‘Save to foursquare’ Button for your blog posts. Connect with your visitors in the real world! When you add the ‘Save to foursquare’ button to your site, your visitors can easily get foursquare reminders from you when they’re near the places you suggest.

Best of all, it only takes a minute to set up.

If you have a site full of venue recommendations this plugin will save you loads of time and give your visitors added value. If you only plan to add one or two buttons on your site I recommend that you cut&paste the code from foursquares homepage.

Download the plugin

4 Replies to “Save to foursquare”

  1. Your WordPress instruction do not have the code necessary to add the button. What is the code?

    1. You are right. Sorry for the miss and I’ll make sure it shows in the next update.
      This is the code:

      Note: No space between the < and the ?.

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