Skype Geo Locator – rewarding work

Skype Geo Locator – rewarding work

A little more than a year ago I made a Skype plug-in (

The only thing this little thing does is to set the text to the right of your name based on your location.
You can alter the text and add for example your company name.
I got the idea from a friend who visited different regional offices around Europe and he always changed the text based on which office he was at.
So why not make this automatic?
Anyhow I have pretty much forgotten about the plug-in and this morning I was pretty surprises to see that nearly 16 000 (we log all users) Skype users from all around the world are using the little rascal.

A small selection from this mornings log of different location where you can find Geo Locator users:
Dostyk, Kazakhstan
Madras, India
Warsaw, Poland
Verona, Italy
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

It is very rewarding to see that the application is getting used and it is mind blowing to try to picture all the users sitting in from of their computers right now using my software

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    1. Sorry, no.
      When I created the application the Skype API was very C# focused. I now see that there is a Java implementation of the API so maybe I will do a Java version.

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