SimpleLayar – Admin interface for hosted layer

If you are new to creating Layar layers it can be a steep learning curve to get started.
– Setting up a Layar layer can be somewhat cumbersome if you don’t know a programing language.
– When setup you most often need a programmer to update the points of interest (POI).

The above is far from true for everybody. You might have a in-house programmer who makes a perfect integration to existing content management system. But most people I have spoken with in regard to Layar development often just have a Excel sheet with addresses they want to transfer over to augmented reality.

To make the administration of a layer much more easy we have created a simple interface where our customers can update their own POI.
Take a look at the following short demo:

In the screenshot below you can see how it looks in map view inside Layar.

So with our hosted solution you have the power to administrate your own POI in a easy way.

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4 Replies to “SimpleLayar – Admin interface for hosted layer”

    1. It’s hosted for our customers. But I am tempted to put it out as open source. Just need to do initial testing before we decide.

      If you have a list of POI you want to test let me know and I’ll setup a account for you.

    1. Hi Nicklas,

      Not much work at the moment to be able to dedicate time for doing this. I could set you up with a demo account maybe.

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