Howto – At the office

If you don’t know what this is all about please read this post –

1. Setting up your Facebook Page

Take a look at this video for a quick start:
You will find the “At the office” application at this URL:

2. Adding users/employees
See this short video on howto add a user. The application URL is the same as above.

3. Setup mobile client

The solution is only tested on iPhone. But at you can download and try “At the office” on other platforms. Please let us know how they workout.

Setting up on iPhone:

  • Download QuickMark.
  • Start QuickMark and open “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to “1D Barcode Settings” and change “Barcode Type” to “CODE 39”.
  • Open “Redirect Settings” and add the following URL: . The last character is “=” which is intentional.
  • Change “fdqps” for your Twitter name. You need to make sure you completed step 2 above.

4. Time to print those check-in and check-out EAN codes.

You can create EAN codes on a vast amount of different sites. We’ll show you one site which has worked well for us.

  • Remember the video in step 1 you where asked to find the Gowalla spot id. You need that again.
  • Goto and change “Symbology” to “Code 39”.
  • In the “Contents” add your Gowalla spot id plus “-1” at the end. Example “75999-1” and click “Make Barcode”.
  • Print the created barcode and you have a check-in station.
  • Change “-1” for “-0” and you have a check-out station. Example “75999-0”.

You now have a full check-in and check-out office solution. Try to print check-in/check-out codes in different sizes to see which fits your needs the best. Play around and add more users when you feel ready to show your customers who is at the office.

Note: The tags you print are unique to your spot. But the client can read tags at other spots. So if you have more then one office the solution will work across physical sites and even sites you have not created.

Security: We know the user by his or her Twitter name, nothing else. This means that you can exchange the name on your phone and check-in/check-out as someone else (who have registered in the system). This solution is to make your company transparent and should not be used for monitoring people for the obvious reason that it is so easy to fake.